Louis Theroux: Dark States – Murder in Milwaukee

Louis Theroux Murder in Milwaukee
Louis Theroux: Dark States - Murder in Milwaukee. Photo: BBC

In the third episode of his Dark States series, Louis Theroux visits Milwaukee, said to be one of the most racially divided and impoverished cities in the US.

With spiraling gun crime and homicide rates, this Midwestern city encapsulates America’s complex and troubledrelationship with guns and the increasing disharmony between African-American communities and the police.

Louis spends time with the Milwaukee Police Department as they patrol District 5 which is home to some of the nation’s deadliest streets.

The programme follows the homicide division as they investigate on of the killings in the city which has a homicide rate over twelve times the national average.

Louis also meets a family who have recently lost a loved one to gun crime, as well as a local social activist. This former criminal and gang leader has turned her life around and is coming up with her own solution to the blight of gun crime.

On the streets of Milwaukee, the presenter discovers a community which is often misunderstood by, and mistrustful of, the police. Arriving at a time of heightened tension between the police and the African-American community due to a recent police shooting, Louis hears from both sides of the debate and uncovers hope in a desperate city.

Louis Theroux: Dark States – Murder in Milwaukee is scheduled for broadcast on BBC BRIT (DStv channel 120) at 22.04 tonight (Friday 8 December) with repeat showings on Sunday 10 December at 00.06 and 04.35.