British charity launch Christmas appeal for Kenyan children

Jalia Christmas appeal
A £10 donation will feed a child breakfast and lunch for a whole month. Photo: Jalia

UK based Kenyan charity Jalia have launched their Christmas Campaign for 2017.

Once again, Jalia is working with Nanyuki Preparatory School in Central Kenya and they are aiming to give every pupil breakfast and lunch for the first month of the new year.

To achieve this, they are hoping to raise £1,000 which would buy enough porridge, rice and vegetables to feed the whole school for about four weeks.

The charity’s feeding programme is invaluable for the children. For some of them it may be the only food they get all day, for some it helps them to concentrate on their lessons, while for others it is the incentive needed to go to school and not work.

Just £10 feeds a child for a whole month and if you’d like to make a donation as a Christmas present the charity can send you a gift card. For more information, visit the Jalia website.