High Commission refutes fake reports that it issued a travel advisory against visiting Kenya

British High Commission in Nairobi
British High Commission in Nairobi

The UK High Commission in Kenya has refuted claims that it issued a travel advisory against Kenya, warning British nationals against visiting the country next week during the inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Describing the reports as false information, in a statement the High Commission said: “British nationals are free to make their own decisions regarding travel based on the information available. This was the only change to our travel advice. Some media outlets have incorrectly reported that this is a new ‘travel warning’ or ‘travel advisory’ against Kenya. It is not.”

The travel advice, which was aimed at Britons in Kenya stated:

Political tensions are high and demonstrations and clashes are possible throughout the country, particularly in the western region; you should exercise caution and, where possible, avoid travelling around areas where demonstrations may take place.

Britain’s High Commission said the update was an example of regular factual updates they make to their travel advice, to inform British nationals living or travelling in a particular country of unfolding events (in terms of health, local laws and customs, entry requirements, security, political developments etc).

“These updates often include practical information, as this one does, so that people can factor road disruption into their plans. Factual updates are made on a regular basis, and do not advise against travel to a given area,” it added.