UN Science Day for Peace and Development: UK supporting climate protection work in Kenya

Mikoko Pamoja
The UK Government is supporting the Mikoko Pamoja project. Photo: Facebook/UKinKenya

Today is the UN’s Science Day for Peace and Development and the UK High Commission in Kenya have highlighted how the UK is working with Kenya to use science and innovation to promote development in a post on their Facebook page.

The post says that Through the Newton-Utafiti fund the UK is supporting Mikoko Pamoja (Swahili for “mangroves”), a community-led project which contributes to climate protection whilst also generating income worth $13,000 annually through the sale of carbon credits.

The Mikoko Pamjoa project was initiated through a partnership between Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) and UK’s Edinburgh Napier University, and is now funded by the Newton-Utafiti fund.

Not only does the project support Kenya to meet its Green House Gas (GHG) reduction target of 30% by the year 2030, through income generation, it is also supporting the local community.

With mangroves being exceptionally powerful carbon sinks, they play a key role in climate mitigation.

From the money raised by selling their carbon credits, the community is able to finance community development projects such as building new school buildings, provision of clean water and rehabilitating degraded mangrove areas.

The project is expected to bring health benefits and additional income to around 4000 people.

In the future, the project is looking to further diversify these carbon reduction activities by researching and piloting of more efficient woodstoves and incorporating seagrass conservation into carbon marketing and offsetting is ongoing.