BATUK provided ranger patrol huts officially opened

BATUK at the official opening of the huts they provided for the Kenya Wildlife Service and Mount Kenya Rangers. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

Patrol huts provided by the British Army Training Unit (BATUK) for the Kenya Wildlife Service and Mt Kenya Rangers in partnership with Mount Kenya Trust, Eden Wildlife Trust and The Thin Green Line Foundation have been officially opened.

These new huts will help facilitate the outstanding work the rangers are undertaking to help prevent Human Wildlife Conflict and supporting conservation and community outreach in the region.

Tree planting was part of the official opening ceremony. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

The ceremony involved some tree planting and some tinsel was cut to signify the  official opening of the huts.

The ceremonial (if not very seasonal) tinsel was cut to officially open the huts. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

“This work is part of BATUKs community engagement programme to prevent Human Wildlife Conflict and allow both to flourish side by side in Kenya.” – BATUK Facebook Page

Panga the Owl

Panga the Owl
Panga, the Owl rescued by BATUK staff. Photo: Facebook/Raptor Rehabilitation Trust Kenya

This wasn’t the only conservation work which BATUK have been involved in after staff found an orphaned Verreaux Eagle Owl which was being hounded by hords of crows within the Unit’s grounds in Nanyuki on Friday night.

The down covered little bundle was taken to the Mount Kenya Wildlife Trust by the Raptor Rehabilitation Trust where he’ll be given to surrogate parents to raise.

BATUK staff named the baby owl ‘Panga’ after their logo and he has proved to have a healthy appetite which has helped his recovery and resulted in him re-gaining his strength.