Kenya tea lover changes his name to reflect favourite brew

Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner
Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner. Photos: Twitter/CHILTERNGRC

A tea lover from Sheffield has changed his name by deed poll to reflect his love for Yorkshire Tea, whose main tea supplier is the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA).

Nathan Derek Garner is now officially known as Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner after he took the plunge to change his middle name after colleagues mocked him about his mammoth tea consumption.

The 31-year-old from Sheffield, who claims to drink an average of around 20 cups of tea a day, has joked that being a single chap it would complete his life if he could find himself a Polly to put the kettle on when he arrives home each evening.

“I was at work one day and my mate Billy said, chuffin’ hell, you drink so much of that stuff you should change your name to Yorkshire Tea,” Nathan explained.

“I thought that was a great idea so at lunch I got out my phone and went onto the website and got rid of Derek.

“Friends and family mainly think it’s a bit of a silly thing to do but my mum Cheryl thinks it’s great. She laughed out loud when I told her,” he said.

The concrete factory worker says he has been drinking tea since the age of 12 after being introduced to the Harrogate-made Yorkshire Tea brand by his grandfather.

“My mum loves a good cuppa too, but for some reason she likes PG Tips. I can’t drink that so when I go round to her house I have to take my own tea bags to get a decent brew,” Nathan said.

Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner

Last month we reported how Yorkshire Tea has overtaken Tetley as the UK’s second favourite tea. As the company’s biggest tea supplier, Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) can take some of the blame responsibility for the name change.

Senior Laura Burton senior brand manager at Yorkshire Tea said: “When Nathan got in touch to let us know that he had changed his middle name we were beyond flattered by his overwhelming love for a proper brew.”

“We can’t wait to welcome him up to our Harrogate HQ for a tea tasting and to meet the team,” she added.