BATUK volunteers help develop Nanyuki pupils’ literacy skills

BATUK at Nanyuki Preparatory School
Nanyuki Preparatory pupils have been supported by BATUK volunteers during their literacy lessons. Photo: Facebook/BATUKOfficial

Volunteers from the British Army Training Unit Kenya (BATUK) have been helping out at Nanyuki Preparatory School, helping the children develop their literacy skills.

The volunteers were BATUK dependents who regularly give up their time to help out in schools, NGOs and other good causes to support the community they live in.

Nanyuki Preparatory School

Nanyuki Preparatory is a charity school set up by inspiring headteacher Rose Muhoro. Although primary education is free in Kenya, not all children attend either because they can’t afford the equipment, books and stationery or because they are needed at home to work and help support their families financially.

The school supports those pupils who would not otherwise be able to attend school, whether they are orphans, in children’s homes or very poor. As well as providing an education and stability, Nanyuki Preparatory offers support to the wider community by working with the extended families of the pupils.

In 2014 Nanyuki Preparatory began an ambitious new programme in partnership with British based Kenyan charity Jalia to develop a new school site to provide both school facilities and pastoral care for its pupils.


Jalia is a grassroots charity dedicated to supporting socially and economically disadvantaged children and communities in Nanyuki. Working with local organisations, they provide funding and sponsorship for education, enterprise and poverty relief.