William G. Stewart – Late Fifteen to One host’s Kenyan connection

William G. Stewart
William G. Stewart on the set of Fifteen to One.

English television producer, director and television presenter, William G. Stewart, passed away on 21 September, aged 84.

Best known as the presenter and producer of the Channel 4 general quiz show Fifteen to One from 1988 to 2003, he has a less well known Kenyan connection.

Born in Lancaster on 15 July 1933, Stewart was orphaned at the age of two after the deaths of his parents, and brought up in a children’s home in Sidcup, Kent.

As a child, he said his only ambition was to star in cowboy films. He wrote letters to Hollywood studios and received replies advising him to get experience, but his early employment in “boring” office jobs after leaving school was a long way from the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

Like many of his peers, he entered national service, with Stewart travelling to Kenya for his.

Among the many shows he produced or directed during his career were Father, Dear Father, Love Thy Neighbour, Bless This House, My Good Woman, Spooner’s Patch, The Rag Trade, Family Fortunes, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush and The Price is Right.

He married three times. His first wife was Audrey Harrison (1960–76) and his second was Bless this House actress Sally Geeson (1976–86). His first child was Nick and he had two children with Sally Geeson, Barnaby and Hayley. In 1997, he married his third wife, Laura Calland, the voice-over artist from Fifteen to One with whom he had two more children, Isobel and Hannah.

William Gladstone Stewart died on 21 September 2017 aged of 84.