Vodafone UK changes roaming costs for Kenya

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Vodafone has announced changes to its roaming rates which means that from 5 August 2017, customers will no longer be able to receive calls free of charge or pay a flat £5 daily fee to use their UK allowance in Kenya.

The change comes as Vodafone appear to be phasing our their ‘Roam Further‘ package, with Kenya moving to the ‘Rest of World 1’ category.

As a result, calls from within Kenya to Kenyan or UK numbers will cost 50p per minute while receiving a call is slightly less at 30p per minute. Texts will cost 7p and data 10p per MB.

Cost of using an EE, O2 or Three UK sim in Kenya

Despite the change, Vodafone is still the most cost effective way of using a UK mobile in Kenya.

By comparison, EE charge £1.50 to make or receive a call, 50p per text or picture message and for data, customers need to buy an add on with a daily 20mb costing £5, 45mb costing £10 per day or a weekly £20 for 45mb.

O2 charge £1.50 for making a call from Kenya and £1.25 to receive. Sending a text will cost 40p and data £6 per mb. For a whopping £120 per month, you can also get 200mb of data.

Three charge £2 to call the UK or a Kenyan number and £1.25 to receive a call. They also charge 35p per text, £2 per minute to access voicemail and like O2, they charge £6 per mb of data.

It’s cheaper to use a local Sim

As usual though, it is cheaper to buy a local sim for use while you are in Kenya and for calling back to the UK.

The country’s biggest operator, Safaricom, offers cheap bundles for calling the UK.

To add a bundle , dial *100# or *200# and select ‘Products & Services’ then select ‘International Calling Bundles’. You can then buy any of the bundles below:

  • 6 Minutes @ Ksh 19 (14p): 24hr validity.
  • 40 Minutes @ Ksh 99 (75p):  7 day validity.
  • 170 minutes @ Kshs 399 (£3): 30 day validity