Fish & Chips Challenge: Ocean Sports Restaurant, Watamu

Ocean Sports Resort
Ocean Sports Resort. Photo: Facebook

Is there anything better than a really good plate of fish & chips?

Probably not, but it depends on where the samaki & chips comes from…

You can’t do better than ‘sourcing’ (or should that be ‘saucing’?) a good plate from Ocean Sports, Watamu’s oldest hostelry, especially on an Easter Sunday, as I recently did.

I’m biased: OS has been my ‘local’ since childhood & was & is the main base for Kenya’s keenest anglers: from that point of view, you know that your fish is very likely to have come straight from the Indian Ocean that very day !

Arriving at the ‘lobby’, if the open-air office can thus be described, my friend Cheki & I were met by the cheery staff enjoying the presence of a rare day of busyness on a coast where tourists are a rare species at this time of year.

Hugo & Tilly played happily on the steps: this is a family hotel.

Sitting on their usual table were the local yokels: Richard Rucksack & friends, he an ex-Oxford Don who long ago decided that Watamu herpetology, ichthyology & botany were more to his liking than boating on the Isis, however sunny the day.

Ocean Sports Resort
Ocean Sports Resort, Watamu. Photo: Facebook

Meeting up with my Nairobi neighbour, the Barefoot Dentist, & mates, all of whom were going for the famous OS Sunday Buffet, we found a suitable table.

Sadly it did not overlook the splendid Turtle Bay with it’s array of coral islands & deep-sea fishing boats, but we had plenty to say to one another: the railway going through Nairobi National Park (horror) & events in Laikipa (worse).

Sitting on tables around us were a Muslim family (very chic Mum), an elderly Italian with two Kenyan megababes for company & lots of other folks out for Sunday lunch: a very cosmopolitan scene.

Finally my dish arrived: lightly steamed fish with a slice of lemon, a wee basin of sauce & well-done chips…

Thoroughly recommended although I would serve it with an accompanying salad.

Fish and Chips at Ocean Sports Resort
Fish and Chips at the Ocean Sports Resort. Photo: Facebook: Ocean Sports Resort

I couldn’t find out the provenance of my delicious fish, but it was likely to be the flesh of a pelagic fish. Was it a slice of felusi (which means gold in Arabic): (dorado)? Nguru (kingfish) or kolikoli (caranx sp. ?)

I was hungry after a very cold Pilsner & scientific considerations were quickly gobbled up…..

Ocean Sports is a perfect place for lunch at the coast: wonderful setting (outside) with the kusi in your hair & very good food (stick to the fish & seafood.)

Well done Florian & Emily !

The features which make up the Ocean Sports Restaurant menus are fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables, flavoured with herbs and spices all sourced from the local area.

Florian and his enthusiastic team create daily specials using the freshest produce available, often with a distinct ‘French twist’, while a wood burning pizza oven on site ensures there is something for everybody and doubles up to bake homemade French bread and croissants daily.

The food is complemented by a well rounded, comprehensive wine list.

Have you visited a restaurant or bar in Kenya which serves fish and chips? Why not take the Brits in Kenya Fish and Chip challenge by sending a review of your meal to along with a photo of your dining party and/or the dish you ate and we will publish it online.