Amazing Hotels visits Kenya’s Giraffe Manor for BBC2 series

Tonight's third epiosde of Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby visits Nairobi's Giraffe Manor.

Amazing Hotels
Giles Coren with some Samburu Warriors from Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby. Photo: BBC

Tonight’s episode of Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby sees Giles Coren and Monica Galetti visit Nairobi’s iconic Giraffe Manor.

In this third episode of this eye-opening series, the pair discover this unique hotel where giraffes, staff and guests all coexist in a 1930s Scottish-style hunting lodge on the edge of Nairobi National Park.

It is the operational headquarters of fourth-generation Kenyans Tanya and Mikey Carr-Hartley, who also own three satellite luxury lodges and camps throughout Kenya and east Africa’s wilderness.

Guests enjoy a unique experience while staying at the hotel, as first thing in the morning, hungry giraffes join breakfast by sticking their heads through the windows of the dining room.

After sharing breakfast and a kiss or two off the giraffes, Monica meets head chef David Kisevu and goes food shopping with him in the bustling Nairobi suburb of Rongai.

Also during tonight’s episode, Giles and Monica travel to the remote but luxurious outpost of Sasaab Lodge, a six-acre plot set within 82,000 acres of land owned by Samburu tribespeople, who receive a fee for every guest that stays and make up 75 per cent of the staff.

Giles and Monica follow their new co-workers back to their village to find out how the hotel has impacted tribal life. The former also goes on a camel ride with Samburu herders and his reaction when they slaughter one of their goats by cutting its throat and invite him to sip some of the blood is priceless: “Oh from the… actual… from the… straight from the neck?” he blusters. “I see… cool!”

Viewers in the UK can watch the Giraffe Manor on Amazing Hotels: Life Beyond the Lobby on BBC 2 tonight (10 April) at 9pm.


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