UK Minister for Africa, Tobias Ellwood, hailed a hero for trying to save PC’s life

Tobias Ellwood
Tobias Ellwood. Photo: Twitter/Tobias_Ellwood

British Member of Parliament for Bournemouth East and Minister for Africa, counter terrorism and illegal wildlife trade, Tobias Ellwood, has been hailed a hero after his valiant efforts to save the life of PC Keith Palmer who died during Wednesday’s terrorist attack on Westminster.

Despite being unarmed, PC Palmer tackled 52-year-old Khalid Masood, who had used his car to run over pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before ramming the Parliament gates and getting access to the grounds.

PC Palmer was stabbed multiple times before his assailant was shot and Mr Ellwood bravely ran to help.

The MP, a former British Army captain who served in Bosnia, told the Times he tried to save his life but he “had been stabbed too may times”.

Recalling the incident, the MP said: “I was on the scene and as soon as I realised what was going on I headed towards it. I tried to stem the flow of blood and give mouth-to-mouth while waiting for the medics to arrive but I think he had lost too much blood. He had multiple wounds, under the arm and in the back.”

After paramedics took over he stayed at the scene to help, kneeling by Mr Palmer’s side.

The father-of-two lost his brother Jonathan in the 2002 Bali bombing which claimed the lives of 202 people.

Mr Ellwood visited Kenya last August when her met Amina Mohamed and Adan Mohamed as well as visiting the De La Rue facility in Nairobi.