Richard Dawkins brands Brexit voters ‘ignorant’ in Newsnight rant

Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins rants about Brexit. Photo: ©BBC

Kenyan born British academic Richard Dawkins has branded Brexit voters “ignorant” and “misled” during an online rant in which he called for a second referendum.

Even though the nation votes to exit the European Union last year, Dawkins suggested such decision was void and should require at least a “two-thirds majority”, rather than the 52% who voted to leave.

The two-minute rant was uploaded to the BBC Newsnight Facebook page and received a mixed response.

One commenter said: “Ill informed? I certainly wasn’t. I was opposed to the formation of an EU army, an undemocratic Troika that made decisions for millions of people who circumvented democratic process, an EU that bleeds member states financially and when they cannot pay them back the EU strips them of land, when Ireland voted against joining the EU the population was forced to vote again.”

The 75-year-old Oxford professor said the decision of 17.4 million Brits would have “huge ramifications” for decades to come.

Dawkins also accused the former prime minister of “playing Russian Roulette with our grand children’s future”.

“The polls have been going up and down like a yo-yo, the fleeting opinion on just one day of a slender majority of an ignorant and misled the public is now touted as the sacred and unchangeable word of ‘the British people’,” he claimed.

This isn’t the first time the Nairobi born academic has expressed his opposition to the Brexit vote. In July last year, he called for a second referendum due to ‘irresponsible’ Brexit voters, but many will see his intervention as another of the so-called arrogant ‘elites’ thinking they know better than those who disagree with them.