379 herders arrested as security increased in Laikipia following murder of Tristan Voorspuy

Laikipia County
Laikipia County flag

In an effort to allay fears around safety and security in Laikipia following the murder of former British army officer Tristan Voorspuy, officers from the Kenya Tourist Police Unit have been deployed to Laikipia to safeguard visitors and the camps and lodges where they stay.

Updating reporters on the current situation in the area, Kenya Police spokesman Charles Owino said security has been intensified in the county to protect visitors, investors and tourist facilities, including camps and lodges.

He also revealed that police were providing escorts for tour vans transporting tourists to ranches and conservancies so they could enjoy game drives without fearing for their safety, adding that to date, no tourist has been affected by the ranch invasions by herders.

On Monday, Kenya’s domestic security minister Joseph Nkaissery revealed that 379 pastoralist herders have been arrested for invading ranches which led to the killing of Mr Voorspuy.

Tristan Voorspuy
South African-born Mr Voorspuy was raised in Sussex and served for six years in the British Army. Photo: Offbeat Safaris

A severe drought in Kenya is causing tension because of the scarcity of water and pasture, as some communities move into other properties in search of the resources. According to Mr Nkaissery, criminals have taken advantage of the situation to steal.

Last month, herders searching for pasture invaded the Suiyan conservancy with their livestock and burnt down a lodge and cottage.

Other ranches and conservancies that have been invaded by herders include Laikipia Nature Conservation, Segera ranch, Ol Jogi, Ol Malo Sabuk, Borana and Mpala.

The ranches and conservancies in Laikipia are among the most popular tourist destinations in the country, attracting huge numbers of wildlife lovers.