Jecca Craig gave birth to baby boy months before Kenya wedding to Jonathan Baillie

Jecca Craig
Jecca Craig

Writing in the Daily Mail, Sebastian Shakespeare has revealed that recently married Jessica ‘Jecca’ Craig gave birth to a baby boy, just months before her wedding to director of conservation at the Zoological Society of London, Jonathan Baillie.

Shakespeare says Professor Baillie let slip his news during this week’s Safari In The City gala at London Zoo, which raised £350,000 to fight the illegal wildlife trade.

“I’m having to help host without Jecca because she’s at home looking after our new baby,”  the Canadian ‘exclusively’ told he journalist.

Jecca Craig wedding
Jecca Craig marries Jonathan Baillie. Photo:

The couple’s engagement was announced in April last year, but until now her pregnancy had been a closely guarded family secret, and there has still been no official birth notice.

The couple’s son, believed to be called Wolf, is estimated to be about six months old.

Prince William raised eyebrows when he declined an invitation to his cousin Peter Phillip’s wedding in 2008 so he could join Jecca for her brother Batian’s marriage in Kenya. Royal watchers were also surprised when he attended the 34-year-old’s own Easter wedding earlier this year at the 55,000 acre Lewa estate, leaving wife Kate at home.

One reason given for the Duchess of Cambridge not attending the wedding with her husband was that she didn’t want to take their children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, to Kenya.