Watch 100 years of Kenyan beauty trends in one minute!

WatchCut have been creating their one minute long ‘100 Years of Beauty …’ videos for the last two years.

The videos take the viewer back in time to begin a 100 year journey which explores the beauty trends from across the globe.

So far in the series, they’ve looked at North and South Korea, Russia, Mexico, Iran and Ireland, but their latest video focuses on Kenya.

The video features Kenyan model Keesee Andrea, who’s made up and hairstyled to reflect Kenyan beauty ideals decade by decade.

Viewers will see clearly how Kenyan fashion across the decades has been heavily influenced by the country’s diverse ethnic background which has over 70 distinct ethnic groups in existence, providing a melting pot of culture and religion.

Both Kenya’s first First Lady,”Mama Ngina” Kenyatta and Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o are seen as the inspiration behind two of the styles in the sequence.

For more background on the video, and to find out which original styles those in the film are based on, check out Cut’s behind-the-scenes Pinterest board.