Kristin Davis thanked for her Kenyan conservation support by US Embassy

Bob Godec with Kristin Davis
Bob Godec with Kristin Davis. Photo: Twitter/USEmbassyKenya

Actress and patron of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), Kristin Davis, has been thanked for supporting yesterday’s ivory burn in Nairobi National Park by the US Embassy in Kenya via their Twitter account.

The Sex and the City star who also produced the documentary Gardeners of Eden and spent time seeing the Trust’s conservation work first hand earlier this year during a visit to Kenya.

The Tweet, accompanied by a photograph with the actress alongside US Ambassador Robert ‘Bob’ Godec said “Asante @KristinDavis for supporting #LightAFire and being an #elephant hero through @DSWT!”

Kristin replied with: “My pleasure to support this beautiful Kenya. So impressive to see the passion for protecting the elephants.”

She isn’t the only actress supporting the decision to burn the ivory stockpile confiscated from poachers and smugglers with Kenyan Oscar winning actress Lupita Nyong’o and former New Avengers star Joanna Lumley also lending their help in the fight to protect the country’s endangered wildlife.