Joanna Lumley calls for Chinese sanctions over ivory trade

Joanna Lumley has told ITV News’ Mark Austin about why she believes it’s time Britain got tough with China over the sale of ivory.

The wildlife campaigner and actress, who supports the decision of the Kenyan government to burn their ivory stockpile, has said she feels the only solution is to curb demand. This means getting tough on China and to link trade with Bejing to their promise to ban ivory sales.

However, this move seems unlikely as most Western nations would have more to lose from trade sanctions than the Chinese.

Kenya Ivory Burn
President Kenyatta lights the ivory burn. Photo: Twitter/UKenyatta

This hasn’t stopped the Absolutely Fabulous star though who has lobbied Chinese diplomats in London, and feels very strongly that the end to the illegal trade is in China’s hands.

She has also disagreed with Prince William, who has said that trophy hunting was acceptable in very limited circumstances, which Joanna says is never acceptable.

“If you want to take down a cheetah, try it with your bare hands and see how you get on.”


  1. You mess with Lumley at your peril! Remember what happened when she was fighting for the gurkhas!

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