Prince William joins rangers to collar elephants in Namunyak Conservancy

Prince William in Kenya
Prince William helps with elephant collaring in Namunyak Conservancy. Photo: Twitter/JudiWakhungu

Following his meeting with Kenyan President Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi, Prince William joined Founder and Chief Executive of the Tusk Trust, Charlie Mayhew, and Kenyan Cabinet Secretary for the Environment & Natural Resources, Professor Judi Wakhungu, in Namunyak Conservancy to assist with an elephant collaring exercise.

Meaning “blessed” in Samburu, Namunyak surrounds the Mathews mountain range and is a rich expanse of lush indigenous forest which hosts abundant populations of wildlife and rare plant species.  It was one of the first community conservancies in northern Kenya to be established, along with Il Ngwesi.

Namunyak began as two group ranches, and over 15 years, driven by the need to protect the Mathews range, it has expanded to include the four neighbouring group ranches surrounding the Mathews forest.

Sarara, Sapache, Ngilai West, Ngilai Central, Ngare Narok and Ndonyo Wuasin group ranches now make up the 394,000 hectare Namunyak Conservancy.

Due to its size, Namunyak is divided up into three management units; Naluwuon, Ngilai, and Kalepo, each with their own HQ, management staff, board, rangers and grazing committees, and run independently under the Namunyak Conservancy umbrella.

The Duke of Cambridge is in Kenya for the wedding of his close friend Jecca Craig, who is marrying Professor Jonathan Baillie on her family estate in Lewa on Saturday.