Prince William backs Kenya’s conservation efforts

Prince William meets President Kenyatta
Prince William meets President Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi. Photo: Facebook/UkinKenya

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, has pledged his support for Kenya’s efforts to stem poaching during his visit to State House to meet with President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of the world’s biggest burning of confiscated ivory.

Next month, Kenya is set to torch 120 tonnes of ivory and 1.5 tonnes of rhino horn, in a highly publicised display which will be led by Kenyatta and attended by numerous celebrities, conservationists and heads of state.

“We are determined to conserve our wildlife for posterity and welcome all the support we can get in this endeavour,” President Kenyatta said after meeting William in Nairobi.

He added in a presidential statement that the destruction of the ivory and rhino horn will “send a strong message that trade in illegal wildlife trophies is not tolerated.”

“If there is anything I can do to raise the profile in your efforts to conserve wildlife, I will do it.”

– Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge

William, who is in Kenya for the wedding of Jecca Craig, has repeatedly condemned illegal wildlife trafficking and has supported anti-poaching efforts. He is also patron of the conservation charity Tusk Trust.