10 St. David’s Day facts you might not have known

Welsh flags

Today is St David’s Day. So to celebrate, here are 10 things you might not have known about the Welsh national day.

  1. St David’s Day falls every year on March 1 which is the date he was believed to have died on in 589.
  2. St. David’s Day in Welsh is Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant.
  3. A traditional food made on St. David’s Day is cawl, a Welsh stew containing lamb and leeks.
  4. Despite the fact that Saint David abstained from drinking and advised others to do the same, a number of Welsh breweries make special St David’s Day ales.
  5. Aberdare Range and National Park share their name with Aberdare in Wales. The Aberdare Range was named by Joseph Thomson in 1884 in honour of Lord Aberdare who later became the first Chancellor of the University of Wales.
  6. It wasn’t until the 18th century though that St David’s Day was only declared a national day of celebration in Wales in the 18th century.
  7. In 2007, Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair rejected calls for St. David’s Day to become a Welsh national holiday, despite a poll saying that 87% of Welsh people were in favour.
  8. In pictures, Saint David, whose symbol is the leek, is typically depicted holding a dove, and often standing on a hillock.

    Saint David
    St David, the Patron Saint of Wales
  9. The Welsh celebrate St David’s Day with parades, food festivals, concerts and street parties across the country.
  10. In 2014, Disney’s Mickey and Minnie Mouse were turned Welsh for the Disneyland Paris St David’s Welsh Festival.


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