Drone captures spectacular aerial footage of Kenya

Patrick Avery has uploaded footage recorded back in 2014 while he was travelling in Kenya.

Filmed using a DJI Phantom 2 complete with Go Pro 3, the footage includes scenes of Kalama Conservancy; Kitum Cave on Mount Elgon; South Island, lake Turkana; Lake Naivasha; Galana River, Tsavo East National Park; Watamu Beach; Mida Creek, Watamu.

While in the country, he managed to capture some unique footage of his travels in some of Kenya’s wild and fascinating places.

From watching the footage, you will see that the different perspective the drone gives is incredible presenting viewers with a whole new appreciation for the beauty of the country.

Unfortunately though, if you are inspired to record your own drone footage, you will be disappointed to learn that since this was filmed they have been banned for recreational use in in Kenya.