Maxo prepares for Kenya deployment

Maxo Malpeet K9 Academy
Malpeet K9 Academy's Maxo will soon be helping to fend off the threat from poachers in Kenya. Photo: Twitter/SimonMallin

Malpeet K9 Academy trained Dutch Herder, Maxo, is the latest UK trained dog about to be deployed to Kenya.

Maxo will be working in an anti-poaching role alongside the rangers protecting animals at a wildlife conservancy in Africa.

The South Wales based K9 Academy provides various types of dog teams, including general purpose security dog teams (protection/patrol dogs), explosive detection dog teams, drug detection dog teams (passive & proactive), cadaver dog teams, firearms detection dog teams and currency detection dog teams.

If you are interested in the work of the team, on 23 March, Malpeet K9 Academy are hosting a one day K9 capability and limitations awareness seminar in Nairobi.

Sponsored by the KK Security group, attendees will be able to watch operational demonstrations of both general purpose security dog teams and explosive detection dog teams.

To find out more about Malpeet K9 Academy, please visit their website.