How GB Auto Expo Ltd is supporting Kenyan villagers in Amboseli

Inchuura Village Mother and Child with Toy
Inchuura Village Mother and Child with Toy. Photo: GB Auto Expo Ltd

GB Auto Expo Limited is a great example of a British company which is working across both Britain and Kenya to support communities-in-need through actively engaging in social projects.

The company is one of the leading exporters of New & PreOwned vehicles, conveniently located near two major British airports, Heathrow and Gatwick. They also supply New Vehicles and Equipment to Aid, Development and Disaster Relief Organisations.

As well as their day to day business, they have also been working to support those living in Inchuura Village.

Inchuura Village Children
Inchuura Village Children show off their lollipops. Photo: GB Auto Expo Ltd

We asked the company to explain how they became involved in charity work in Kenya and director Harbinder Bhogal, told us their story:

“Amboseli was always our family’s favourite for weekend breaks, especially at the Serena Lodge.

“Back in 2010, we saw that the Lodge was employing some staff from local Masai communities.

“As we interacted with the Masai, we ended up visiting one local manyatta at the Inchurra Village where things were not looking good.

“The community has been subjected to tough drought conditions, attacks by lions on their livestock, etc.

“So we met up with the elders and asked them how we could help.

Inchuura Village Elders
Inchuura Village Elders. Photo: GB Auto Expo Ltd

“They have a community school, which was built by other well-wishers, but lack resources such as books, pens, pencils, etc. . .and so it started – everytime we’d go back, we’d fill the car boot with books, foodstuff for the school.

“On one trip, we took lots of sports equipment and this was a real hit!

Inchuura Village School
Inchuura Village School. Photo: GB Auto Expo Ltd

“There is still so much to be done as there are over 200 children – the school desperately needs running water, more school teaching materials, foodstuff, etc.”

– Harbinder Bhogal, GB Auto Expo Limited Director.

Inchuura Village, Amboseli

The community living in Inchuura Village, situated on the boundry of the Amboseli Game Reserve in Kenya, on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, has been subjected to a lot of hardship through repeated droughts and attacks by lions on their livestock.

 Inchuura Village Elders receiving the Donations
Inchuura Village Elders receiving the Donations. Photo: GB Auto Expo Ltd

There are around 200 children living in the community who have suffered the most and GB Auto Expo has been actively engaging with the villagers and the village elders to supply education materials, including books and pens, as well as sports equipment for the community school.

Inchuura Village Distribution of Donations
Inchuura Village Distribution of Donations. Photo: GB Auto Expo Ltd

Generously supported by GB Auto Expo’s friends, the community has benefited with food for the school kitchen, used clothing and toys for the babies.

If you would like to read more about GB Auto Expo Ltd’s work in Kenya or enquire about buying and importing a car through them, please visit their website.