5 arrested in Roger Gower murder investigation

Roger Gower
Roger Gower was taking part in an anti-poaching operation with authorities in Tanzania

The suspected gunman who shot at and killed British helicopter pilot Roger Gower, along with four accomplices, have been arrested as the murder probe into his death continues.

Five people have been arrested over the former Tropic Air Kenya pilot, who was shot dead by elephant poachers in Tanzania.

According to the Texas-based Friedkin group, the suspected gunman and accomplices plus members of an ivory and gun smuggling gang are among those arrested. They also believe that more arrests could follow.

Affectionately known as ‘Captain Roger’, the 37-year-old was assisting Tanzanian rangers track the poaching gang when they fired on his aircraft on January 29.

Despite managing to bring the helicopter down in the Maswa Game Reserve, near Serengeti National Park in the north of the country, and saving his passenger, he died from his wounds before rescue teams could reach him.

His brothers have set up a JustGiving page with the hope of raising £50,000 for conservation projects in the region and after just over a week, they have managed to raise 98% of the total.