Magna Carta Fund for Human Rights and Democracy bidding round launched logo

The bidding round for the 2016-17 Magna Carta Fund for Human Rights and Democracy has officially been launched.

Previously known as the Human Rights and Democracy Programme, The Magna Carta Fund is the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s strategic programme dedicated to the UK’s global human rights and democracy work. The fund for this year has doubled to its highest ever level of £10.6 million.

The High Commission in Nairobi is inviting potential Implementers to submit concept bids to by 12th February 2016 and those successful will be notified on 16th February 2016.

The new global strategy is shaped around three new themes for human rights and democracy work:

  • democratic values and the rule of law
  • the rules-based international order
  • human rights for a stable world.

This encompasses the previous eight thematic priorities, allowing greater flexibility for implementers to address issues that matter most in the local context and respond to developments. The strategy suggests some indicative types of activity as examples, rather than prescribing a particular approach.

Within Kenya, particularly welcome will be concepts that focus on first and third objectives -democratic values and rule of law and human rights for a stable world.

If you would like to discuss whether your concept supports these objectives before submitting a bid, you can email your questions to the High Commission.

Funding is available for projects up to the value of £400,000 each year. Projects in excess of this amount may be considered exceptionally after consultation with the HRDP Team. Multi-year proposals are permitted (up to and including 2017/18), provided there is a strong rationale for multi-year funding.

The bidding timeline is as follows:

  • 12 Feb: Concept note deadline for implementers
  • 04 Mar: Full Proposal deadline for implementers
  • 18 Mar: Posts submit top proposals to HRDP Team (hard deadline)
  • 29 Apr: HRDP Programme Boards complete review of bids
  • 06 May: Posts informed of outcome

For more information, visit the information page on the UK High Commission for Kenya site.