#KenyaLive arrives at Medina Palms in Watamu

Medina Palms in Watamu
Medina Palms in Watamu. Photo: Facebook/Herdtracker.

The #KenyaLive team have arrived at Medina Palms in Watamu for the second leg of their 11 day project aiming to give unprecedented access to the attractions Kenya has to offer tourists and visitors through live broadcasts via Twitter’s Periscope app.

Medina Palms

Medina Palms is set on one of the world’’s top 10 beaches and is Watamu’’s newest luxury resort, securely situated on the sands of Watamu Marine Park on Kenya’s coast. As well as hotel rooms, Medina Palms offers suites and villas.


The name “Watamu” means ““Sweet People”” in Swahili and is a beautiful and peaceful village on the Kenya Coast, nestled between pristine beaches and lush tropical forest.

It was first settled as a remote Swahili outpost at Gedi, and ever since, the area has remained a haven of peace and tranquility and is still one of the coast’s most undeveloped and natural areas.

Known for its unique, relaxed and laid back way of life, Watamu welcomes visitors seeking to chill out, explore and enjoy the wonders that it has to offer.

For more information on the area, you can visit the Wonders of Watamu website and you can follow the latest news and content from #KenyaLive by visiting our dedicated page.