Lewis: Magnum Opus (Part 1)

ITV Choice (DStv channel 123) on Saturday, 24 October at 19.35

KEVIN WHATELY as Lewis, LAURENCE FOX as DI James Hathaway, STEVE TOUSSAINT as CS Joseph Moody and ANGELA GRIFFIN as DS Lizzie Maddox. Photographer: ROBERT DAY

When College Dean Phil Beskin is found dead in local woodland, lured to his death following a heated pub debate and brutally bludgeoned to death with a rock, Lewis and Hathaway are called to investigate. After discovering an alchemic image purposefully left at the crime scene, denoting the first of four stages of a process called ‘The Great Work’ or ‘Magnum Opus,’ the team realise that there are three more murders to follow.

After finding an unusual tattoo on Phil’s body and two more murder victims with the exact same inking, Lewis and Hathaway discover that the tattoo signifies membership to a secret esoteric society that believes past sins can be forgiven by the literal sharing of guilt.

Before the fourth and final murder takes place, the team must uncover the guilty secret that their victims share, and the baffling link to alchemy, in order to learn the identity of not just the killer but the potential victim too.

Meanwhile Hathaway is struggling to accept his father’s illness and instead invests all his energies into finding out who he was before the dementia took hold.

Lewis: Magnum Opus – Episode 1 is scheduled for broadcast on ITV Choice (DStv channel 123) at 19.35 on tomorrow (Saturday, 24 October).